At Seastreak, we pride ourselves on giving you a classy, luxurious trip onboard our ferries. We also like to make sure you know that once you get off our catamarans, there’s places you can go where you’ll find the same level of posh treatment. Or maybe even more, in the case of the Caviarteria’s Beluga Bar. It’s not far from our docks at Pier 11, about a mile away, and it serves up a decadent variety of variety of gourmet seafood treats.

Beluga Bar 1

A Modern Speakeasy

Caviar has a deserved reputation for being a delicacy worth seeking out. At the Beluga Bar, you’ll find some of the best-known varieties of caviar, such as Sevruga, Oscetra, sturgeon, and salmon. There’s more than that on offer, however. The Beluga Bar serves a tempting selection of salmon tenderloins, smoked fish, and foie gras.

For the perfect accompaniment to your meal, indulge yourself in one of their champagnes! If bubbly isn’t your favorite, have a look over the Beluga Bar’s menu of specialty martinis. Got your own, special recipe for the perfect martini? Bring your recipe, and they’ll make it for you.

Beluga Bar 2

The Beluga Bar has a wonderful atmosphere for enjoying a meal of caviar and champagne. On Fridays and Saturdays, the restaurant features live piano music to add an elegant touch.

Affordable Luxury

Every Tuesday until September 30, you can catch great deals at a host of Manhattan businesses with Lower Manhattan Tuesdays! Before you head to Caviarteria’s Beluga Bar, sign up for this promotion and get a $45 caviar tasting for two. It includes two glasses of house sparkling, not to mention the blinis with delectable caviar.

Beluga Bar 3

Seastreak may not serve caviar, but we’re always serving up comfortable seats and attentive customer service. Relax on our ship, and know, we keep all our craft in peak condition. The engines won’t fail, so we’ll never make you roe.

Sea you soon!

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