Never count her down, never count her out — Madonna, the legend herself, is back on the road performing her most recent tour. Based on her most recent album, Madonna’s Rebel Heart Tour promises to be one of the most spectacular on record, and you have the chance to catch it live at the Garden on Wednesday Sept. 16th or Thursday Sept. 17th.

A Living Legend
Madonna 1
Saying Madonna is famous is like saying that gravity exists. Not only is it obvious and unnecessary, but people will look at you funny for even thinking to mention something so self-evident. At 57, her Rebel Heart album is her 13th in a 32-year career. According to some, it’s also one of her better ones, throwing in innovation as the main component while still bringing in just enough of her trademark tricks and techniques to make it really shine.

The Show
Madonna 2
The show itself is supposed to be… Well, I’m not entirely sure what adjective one uses to describe the lead singer riding a pole dancing nun like a surfboard. So I’m just going to say “pretty cool.” Anyway, in addition to nun-surfing, the show contains a flying sequence (because why not), and a nice sampling of songs, from classics such as Like a Virgin all the way to songs from the new album, such as Body Shop. Point is, there are plenty of reasons to see it.

Amy Schumer
Madonna 3

Speaking of reasons to see the show, the New York performance has a special guest! Amy Schumer, a young comedian whose career has taken off recently after her hit movie Trainwreck, will be joining Madonna on stage. I will level with you and tell you that I have no idea how this partnership is to work, but I can promise you that Amy Schumer is a lot of fun, and her many barbed witticisms, pointed mostly at herself, will keep you laughing for just as long as Madonna’s antics have you staring in wide-eyed amazement.

Do you really want to try to drive into, and back out of, New York City on a night when Madonna is performing? No. No you do not. So take the Seastreak and beat the traffic. We’ll get you there and back in record time and with record ease.

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