This season on Broadway is an exciting one for both fans of theater and viewers usually more drawn to an electronic medium. There’s a handful of shows featuring television and film stars available in the next few months, but none of those other shows star a man who can command one million dollars per word! You’ll only find that at the Longacre Theater (220 West 48th Street), and the revival of “You Can’t Take It With You”, starring James Earl Jones!

You Can't Take It With You 1

Dark Lord of the Stage

Darth Vader himself takes to the bright lights and Broadway Stage, though without all the impressive armor or lightsaber, to play the eccentric grandfather in this beloved play. He’s got the prime part in the ensemble cast of this fun, romantic comedy. In the play, Alice and Tony have fallen madly in love with each other. Marriage seems like the natural next steps toward a happy future together, but there’s just one hitch: their families.

Alice’s family is what polite folks call “zany”, or maybe “eccentric”. They’re headed up by the imposing grandfather, who keeps snakes for a hobby and who’s been evading his taxes for more than two decades. Tony’s family, however, seems quite a bit more normal on the surface, but that’s so seldom truly the case. Alice plans a dinner party to introduce both families in a controlled situation, but Tony brings them by on the wrong night. It’s all shenanigans from there.

You Can't Take It With You 2

This is Seastreak

Even though James Earl Jones earned his greatest fame for his work in Star Wars, he started out on Broadway. His awards include a Tony, a couple Emmys, and a Golden Globe award. His voice is so amazing that CNN paid him three million dollars to say the words, “This is CNN.”

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