You’ve made it through Monday, the Tuesday grind, and Wednesday humpday. Why not reward yourself on Thursday with an Owl’s Brew cocktail to wash down the day? Now through August 27, you only have to drop a few pennies on the bar to enjoy a drink at BFB on the Highline. From 6-8 PM, the first drink is just a nickel when you head down to 55 Gansevoort Street at the start of the High Line.

BFB Drinks

Burger Time

While you’re enjoying your cocktail, made with their signature Owl’s Brew teas, fortify yourself with one of BFB’s tremendous hamburgers. Chef Chris Mitchell threw down the gauntlet when he named his restaurant Best Freaking Burgers (feel free to substitute your F-based word of choice). He delivers with hamburger creations guaranteed to satisfy.


By far, the most infamous sandwich is the Heisenburger, a 10oz behemoth named for Breaking Bad’s notorious anti-hero. Those with a truly prodigious hunger can take the Heisenburger Challenge, wherein the gastronomically valiant soul tries to eat three Heisenburgers in a one-hour time limit. Winners get that meal free, as well as another free burger on a later visit.

BFB Heisenberger

On the Side

BFB has a selection of mouth-watering fries to go with their star burgers. The sweet potato fries earn high marks, and you can’t go wrong with their bacon-salted VIP fries. Onion ring lovers will without a doubt want to try the beer battered onion rings, and diners who’d like a diversion from the usual won’t want to miss the fried cheese curds.

BFB has “off the menu” dishes every weekend. Check their Facebook page to find out what they’re offering!

BFB Bacon Egg and Cheese

BFB Bacon Egg and Cheese

Go from the best burger to the finest ferry with Seastreak’s convenient and comfortable catamarans. Even if you’ve won the Heisenburger challenge, we promise we will stay afloat :-)

Sea you soon!

The Seastreak Family

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