Fresh sushi is a delicious treat, but this popular food often leaves out people who prefer to avoid meat in their diets. Even those who are happily carnivorous want a change of culinary pace now and then. Beyond Sushi offers everyone the chance to diverge from their usual menus and check out unique, vegetarian sushi creations without any fish at all! You can find them at 229 E. 14th Street.

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Guy and Tali Vaknin, a husband and wife committed to offering healthy vegan options to diners in New York, founded Beyond Sushi with the hope of popularizing this dietary lifestyle. Their innovative food designs mimic traditional sushi, with its rolls and neat pieces of sashimi, substituting a creative variety of fruits and vegetables in place of fish or meat. Unexpected ingredient combinations result in new and exciting flavor fusions you can’t find anywhere else.

One popular roll, the Spicy Mang, utilizes black rice, avocado, mango, cucumber, spicy veggies, and Beyond Sushi’s own toasted cayenne sauce to give it a special flair. Or try delectable hand rolls like the Veg Head, with asparagus, alfalfa sprouts, cilantro, spicy veggies, and black rice. Beyond Sushi also has soups and salads for those in the mood for more usual vegetarian foods.

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Beyond Sushi has a small dining room with only a few tables. It’s terrific food to pick up and take home with you, or bring for a picnic lunch.

For similar food in a different setting, try The Green Roll NYC. It’s in Chelsea Market, which has plenty to experience other than food!

If you’d like to take your meal from Beyond Sushi home, don’t hesitate to hop on a Seastreak ferry. We’re glad to let you bring food aboard with you. Our cash bar even has a few snacks to top your meal off.

Sea you soon!

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