There’s plenty of review websites dedicated to finding good movies. Theatergoers are always on the hunt for the next great film, whether it’s likely to win one of the big awards or just absorb them in a good story for a couple hours. But what about the appeal of really bad movies? Films that don’t take themselves too seriously, or that try way too hard and fall far short of their goals. There’s a certain majesty in a horrible film, and you can see the best of the worst at the Bad Film Fest! It’s playing at Cloud City in Williamsburg (85 North 1st Street) from April 16 to April 18!

Bad Film Fest 1

Bad to the Bone

You’re never going to see the makers of these films on the red carpet at the Oscars. They’re probably not even good enough to make it to the Razzies. Yet it would have been a shame if they’d never seen the light of day, because we would have missed out on some spectacular cinematic tragedies.

Have you ever wondered what the Coen Brothers’ masterpiece “No Country for Old Men” would look like remade by amateurs? Wonder no longer. Just grab a ticket and see for yourself. See “An Unexpected Visitor”, where a young couple arrives home to find a ventriloquist in their house. That’s happened to all of us at least once, hasn’t it?

Bad Film Fest 2

Bad Knows No Boundaries

Terrible film isn’t only the province of Americans! The Bad Film Fest features movies from all over the world. You can see movies from Israel, Canada, Ireland, and more. We do claim some hometown pride in the films from New Yorkers, though, no matter how dubious these works are.

Bad Film Fest 3

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