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July 1 – Nov. 30, 2015
We’re all (well, almost all) familiar with Alfred Hitchcock’s classic 1935 film The 39 Steps. If you’re one of the “almost,” then a) shame on you, you should really go and see it, and b) here’s a quick teaser for you. The film centers on a man, Richard Hannay, who tries to help an organization working against a circle of spies in London who are trying to steal British military secrets. When he is accused of murder, Richard must go on the run to try to prove his innocence.

39 Steps is a hilarious spoof of this classic. At 100 minutes long, 39 steps, and with just four actors portraying over 150 characters, this play is a must-see for everyone from 9 to 99 — and especially anyone who happens to be 39!

39 Steps 2

With such shining stars as Maria Aitken, the director of the original hit London production, and Charles Edwards, who starred in Londoners Richard Hannay, the resumption of this show has lost none of its original panache even as its location has shifted from London to New York. Quite the culture shock, but it manages it well, nonetheless.

Ben Brantley of the New York Times has called this show “absurdly enjoyable,” and best of all, you can make a day of it! Just “39 steps” east of Broadway, the historic Union Square Theatre is located in the midst of amazing restaurants, hotels, and stores. There is even a bi-weekly farmers’ market!

Shows in the afternoons and evenings mean you have a lot of flexibility in fitting a trip to the theatre around your summer schedule. The show is also billed as educational (don’t let it dissuade you), so bring the whole family!

39 Steps 3

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Sea you soon!

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