Summer is the perfect time to get away with your family.  The weather is nice, kids are out of school, and those non-transferable vacation days are begging to be used.  Here are our 10 tips for a stress-free vacation which we hope will help to make your getaway as perfect as possible!

1. Drink water.  When you’re on vacation it can be difficult to keep up your water intake.  This is especially important if you engage in a lot of outdoor activities.  If you’re traveling outside of the US drink bottled water, just in case.

2. Pack interchangeable outfits.  If you blindly throw your items into your bag, you might end up with a suitcase full of sweaters and only one pair of pants.  Be sure to bring a variety of items that go together, so that you always look stylish.

3. Bring snacks and games.  Empty bellies and unoccupied minds will make the most fuss during a long trip.  If you want to avoid the “are we there yet’s”, bring a yummy and healthy snack.  If you travel by Seastreak we have the food and entertainment taken care of with our cash bar and wide screen televisions!

4. Don’t forget sneakers.  If you’re going to be ziplining, hiking, exploring, rock climbing, etc, bring sneakers.  Even if you’re just sightseeing in a fabulously stylish city, it’s good to have comfortable shoes.

5. Try new things.  Eating different things and enjoying new activities is one of the most exciting parts of vacation, especially if it’s somewhere you’ve never been.  Be adventurous!  Try the local delicacy, you may find out that it’s your new favorite food!

6. Relax.  As hard as it might be to unplug, if your job doesn’t make it necessary to stay connected to the internet, turn it off.  Turn off the cell phone, laptop, tablet, and silence!

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Sea you soon,

The Seastreak Family

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