Restaurants these days have become destinations in their own right. The buzz surrounding them only half has to do with the food you can order, or the skill of the chef. Audacious digs and art commissioned from well-known or controversial artists, or gimmicks the restaurant thinks up to bring in customers make up for the rest. Who cares what you can eat, when there’s a roller coaster a famous pseudo-starlet lost her lunch on in the dining room? Forget that. Head to Atlantic Highlands, NJ for a simple restaurant with delicious food. We’re talking about Zoe’s Vintage Kitchen, at 77 Center Avenue!

Zoe's Vintage Kitchen 1

Old Timey Place

Zoe’s Vintage Kitchen has the same easygoing, simple vibe that much of Atlantic Highlands boasts. The restaurant has a casual atmosphere that’s reminiscent of your great-grandmother’s kitchen. Homey décor fills the dining room, and food is served on plates with elegant simplicity.

You don’t go to a place like Zoe’s for the gorgeous crystal, though. (Unless you count Bell jars as gorgeous crystal.) You go for food that takes you back to your favorite family breakfasts, only with a level of attention many busy families don’t take time to pay.

Zoe's Vintage Kitchen 2

Tastes of Yesterday

Fresh ingredients give the food at Zoe’s Vintage Kitchen a solid, delicious foundation for building on. These components go into your favorite breakfast and lunch feasts, as well as new dishes you’ll want to test out. Familiar foods taste even better than you remember. New foods will tempt you to visit again so you can discover new favorites.

Zoe's Vintage Kitchen 3

Atlantic Highlands, NJ is hidden treasure of a town tucked away on the New Jersey coast. Enjoy shopping, entertainments, dining and more! There’s plenty to do, so plan a weekend away at a charming place like the Blue Bay Inn. Seastreak is proud to offer ferry to this terrific destination!


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