We have found what you’re looking for at Madison Square Garden: your favorite Irish men besides (possibly) your own family! That’s right, U2 is coming to 4 Pennsylvania Plaza New York! Catch them quick before they move on to the next stop on their Innocence + Experience Tour. They love NYC so much that they are playing Madison Square Garden July 27 – July 31st, so grab your tickets fast or get positioned nearby.

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Puttin on The Ritz to 42nd Street
If you’re a diehard U2 fan, then you already know that U2 has held New York by their heartstrings since their first performance at the Ritz in 1980. The Dubliners quickly became New York natives as their demeanor and sound struck a chord with the so many people.

You Too Can See U2 2

This no-name punk band has taken off and was the voice of an era that seems will never die out. Their ability to surprise when they put on their surprise concert under the Brooklyn Bridge in 2004 only solidified their presence as forever New Yorkers.

Not All Noise

You Too Can See U2 3

U2’s frontman Bono’s decades long relief efforts have been become so well known, that you can hardly hear the band name without hearing of his causes in the same sentence. Bono took trips to Africa to see firsthand the struggles of the people in different areas of that continent. During one trip, Bono and his wife established an education program. His efforts have not been limited to Africa however. He has also generously given to other organizations and used his platform to spread awareness all around the globe. From Greenpeace to helping communities after Hurricane Katrina, U2 seems to lend a hand around the world.

Follow Every Breaking Wave
Join us and let us ferry you to the sounds at Madison Square Garden. Discover what you’ve been looking for, where you too can experience U2! Step aboard Seastreak and experience life at a different beat.

Sea you soon!

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