Kicking back in your living room can make for a cozy, relaxing evening. Comfortable furniture, familiar ambiance, and no pants required. However, when you get thirsty, you do have to get up and pour your own drink. You could go out to enjoy your beverage of choice, but you’d have to give up your couch (and put on pants). Unless you head to the Wine Bar, at 40 First Avenue in Atlantic Highlands, NJ. This modern, elegant lounge features overstuffed couches and an impressive selection of wines! (Guess what you still have to do.)

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Comfort and Sophistication

The Wine Bar is an ideal place to unwind after a long day, or spend an evening out on a long weekend. The atmosphere here encourages guests to linger while they enjoy their favorite wines. Couches and arm chairs sit in a close, conversational configuration that just begs for groups of friends out to enjoy time together.

The wine list at this lovely establishment features more than 120 labels, and the Wine Bar offers more than 20 wines by the glass. This gives visitors a chance to sample delicious vintages from famous wine regions. Cognac, brandy, whisky, bourbon, and more are also available.

Food for Thought

Tapas were all but made for enjoying in this sort of lounge environment. You’ll find a delectable selection of these favorite snacks on hand at the Wine Bar! Choose from cold tapas, such as poached shrimp cocktail, or oysters with a champagne sauce. For a hot bite, try the Crabby Aliace, with lump crab meat in a seasoned blend.

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