If you’ve ever read Where the Wild Things Are, a classic children’s book by Maurice Sendak, you’ll know it’s the story of a little boy who escapes into a world of big beasts. There’s a reason why this book has become one of the world’s most popular; kids love creatures! Whether it’s a giant polar bear, or a tiny bird, there is an innate interest in kids to see and learn about animals. Check out our lists of the best places to see animals!

The Central Park Zoo- Stroll through the legendary Central Park on your way to see the wildlife at the Central Park Zoo! Not only are there wild animal exhibits, there’s Tisch Children’s Zoo where kids can feed and pet barnyard animals. And if you want to relax there’s a 4-D movie theater on the premises, which brings the average movie experience to life.

Sandy Hook Beach– Beyond the shore is a deep ocean full of mysteries to explore! While the depths of the ocean may be unreachable for the little ones, the tide pools are full of critters from barnacles to starfish. Teach kids all about the ocean through these tiny ecosystems.

New Bedford/Martha’s Vineyard- Whales are the biggest mammals on the earth, but eat some of the tiniest organisms in the sea. Plankton! Be sure to share this fact with your kids when you’re on a whale watching boat in Martha’s Vineyard because once you see these majestic titans of the sea, you will surely feel small.

Whether it’s mammoth whales or curly-haired alpacas, all of these animals are within arm’s reach when you take Seastreak.

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