Mentioning Chinese food often sets certain expectations. A whole host of these expectations are stuck in the 80s, with the ubiquitous sweet and sour lumps served at every wanna-be Asian buffet the restaurant scene could cough up. Throw those outdated assumptions out the window, and head for Szechuan Gourmet, at 21 West 39th Street. It will recalibrate your mental picture of how Szechuan-style cuisine ought to be!

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More than the Name

The generic name of this restaurant belies the establishment’s quality of food and uncommon variety of meals available. You’ll find plenty of old favorites, as well as dishes just begging to join those well-beloved dishes you order time and again. Bring your appetite and your sense of adventure, and get ready to eat your way through a very worthy menu!

General Tso Meets His Match

Sure, you could let General Tso’s chicken lead the charge across your plate, or treat yourself to a plate of beef with broccoli, and you wouldn’t go wrong. You could also broil your taste buds with a braised whole bass with spicy hot chili sauce! If you’re not partial to lighting your face on fire, try the minced pork with clear noodles instead.

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Szechuan Gourmet has a reputation as one of Manhattan’s few truly authentic Szechuan eateries. Not only will you enjoy the diverse menu, but also the atmosphere of the restaurant itself. Paper lanterns provide soft lighting, while the red-accented walls and chairs add a vibrant energy to the place. Eat at the restaurant, or ask for your meal to go!

Seastreak approves wholeheartedly of bringing take-home Chinese food back to your place for a midnight fridge raid! We’re glad to let you bring both your leftovers, and your takeout, with you while you ride one of our comfortable catamarans. Whether you’re bringing back dinner, or just yourself, let Seastreak get you where you’re going!


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