Things to do before the Summer is through!

Before you know it, summer will be over in the blink of an eye. But don’t let the last month go to waste. Here are four quintessential “summer” activities that we think you need to do before this season ends.

Take a Dip – Whether it’s in the ocean or your backyard pool, summe r isn’t summer without a swim.  If you haven’t already, go enjoy the refreshing relief of water. You’ll be pining for the pool once winter rolls around, so take advantage while you can.

Spend a Night Under the Stars – Hanging out under the stars is one of those memorable moments that even mosquito bites can’t ruin.  Whether it’s at a backyard bonfire, or a campground in Martha’s Vineyard, spending the night out will most likely insight some fun ghost stories, laughter and, hopefully, s’mores.

Eat Farm Fresh – Summer is the season for delicious berries and other fresh fruits!  Although most farmer’s markets run through the fall, summer is a great time to stock up on local produce as well. Take advantage of the prices for in-season fruits, and make jars of jam to enjoy the taste of summer with your toast throughout the year.  Stop by the Atlantic Highlands Farmer’s Market for some Summer treats.  It’s open every Friday from 12:00 pm to 6:00 pm until September 6th.


Atlantic Highlands Farmer’s Market

Veterans Park

111 1st Ave, Atlantic Highlands, NJ07716, USA


Feel Festive – Fans of live music rejoice! Summer is the season for festivals and if you haven’t made your way out to one yet, you better jump on it while you still can. If seeing a concert is fun, think of how great it is to see all of your favorite artists in one place. There are still plenty to pick up before the summer is over, but be quick! Once winter rolls around, hanging out outdoors and listening to music becomes a lot less enjoyable.

Looking to get out of the city for a day?  If you’re a fan of seafood, you’ll be in your element at the Clam Festival in Highlands, NJ!  It’s a four-day action packed event featuring the freshest seafood, live entertainment, kiddy rides, games, contests, a beer and wine garden, and more.   Admission is free, and the event takes place rain or shine.  Take Seastreak over from Manhattan and enjoy the sea breezes as you make your way in style!

From beaches to peaches, there are just some things that are made for the summer. What are some things that you think deserved to be on this list? Do you have any favorite summer activities? Let us know below, or you can visit our Facebook and Twitter.


Sea you soon,

The Seastreak Family

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