Broadway’s big-name plays and lavish productions are the go-to entertainment for most theater lovers. As spectacular as Broadway’s tremendous productions are, they don’t leave much room for the smaller, lesser-known productions which have both creativity and heart. Until July 27, theatergoers have the chance to take in these wonderful smaller productions at the New York Musical Theatre Festival! It’s a great way to get a first look at tomorrow’s theater stars.

New York Musical Theater Festival

The New York Musical Theatre Festival, featuring shows at various theater locations, was founded in 2004, with the goal of helping artists put on professional productions so they could bring their ideas and efforts to industry leaders, peers, and musical theater enthusiasts. Since its widely acclaimed opening year, the festival has become the country’s largest musical theater festival, and has featured more than 350 shows to the delight of over 300,000 audience members! Musicals and talents introduced at these festivals have now gone on to great success both on and off Broadway, and around the world.

The NY Musical Theater Festival

This year’s festival promises an exciting schedule of shows which will suit all tastes. Check out “As We Lie Still”, a tale about a Vaudvillian illusionist, his assistant, and the consequences of a trick gone wrong. Or tap your toes to the bluegrass soundtrack of “Bayonets of Angst”, about the unknown exploits of the Civil War’s most famous leaders. For a family day at the theater, don’t miss “Rescue Rue”, the tale of a little dog looking for her happily ever after.

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