This is a limited-run production worth cleaning up for! Grab your tickets fast, and hop on board a Seastreak ferry so you don’t miss what’s sure to be an unforgettable performance. Until August 16, you can catch Academy Award-winning actress Cate Blanchett in a new translation of Jean Genet’s famous play The Maids at the New York City Center (131 West 55th Street).

The Maids

Sisters in Crime

The Maids promises to be a profound head trip. Sisters Claire and Solange work as the maids of a spoiled and domineering employer no one would want to cater to. While their mistress is gone, the maids take turns playing the part of their mistress as they fantasize, then act out, their warped plots to kill the woman they loathe. The audience is invited to ride along as the fantasies blur with reality more with each twisted enactment.

The Maids 2

Broadway plays always attract some of the best talent in the industry, but every now and then, a production pulls out all the stops. You might remember Cate Blanchett from her award-winning turn as Katharine Hepburn in The Aviator, or as the queen herself in Elizabeth. (As it happens, Blanchett is one of the artistic directors of the Sydney Theater Company, the folks putting on this play, so it’s not too hard to guess how they convinced her to take the part.)


A Stellar Cast

Acting alongside Blanchett is French actress Isabelle Huppert as sister Solange. Elizabeth Debicki of The Great Gatsby plays the spoiled mistress the maids are so intent on killing in creative ways.

You’ll find far less drama when you ride Seastreak’s luxurious ferries to Manhattan. Our comprehensive schedule matches up with many showings of The Maids, so you can count on arriving at your play on time.

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