New York is home to some amazing cultural and artistic treasures. The MoMA, the philharmonic, the Smithsonian, and so on. But it is also home to the single most famous concert hall in the world. I won’t tell you what it is (if you haven’t already guessed), but as a hint, I can tell you how to get there: practice, practice, practice.
Carnegie Hall 1
A Shining Anniversary
There is never a dull moment at Carnegie Hall, as some of the world’s best performers pass through its stage, but this year is special. The 2015-2016 season, ending in July 2016, is the institution’s 125th anniversary. I’m not sure which anniversary this is, exactly, but given that 75 is platinum, it must be pretty impressive. Perhaps you should try condensing your love and admiration into an impossibly pure physical form via some form of psychic energy. Or, if you can’t do that, you can simply go and appreciate all the wonderful things that the Hall has to offer you.
Carnegie Hall 2
Being There
But enough about the grand splendor of this anniversary — let’s talk logistics. After all, if you’re never there, what good do any of the celebrations do you?

First of all, there’s concert etiquette. There are lots of jazz and pop musicians who may enjoy and even encourage you clapping along. The same will probably not apply to classical musicians. You want to watch out for that one.

Second, while you’re there, you should take a moment to take in the building. Designed by William Tuthill, it’s a beautiful piece of architecture, and part of the reason Carnegie Hall has become such a cultural center.

And third, check out the Resnig Education Wing for — you guessed it — a wide array of interactive, educational treats. Bring the family!
Carnegie Hall 3
And, of course, you should explore on your own to see what this venerable old place has to offer. It’s a wonderful feeling, of sailing into the uncharted seas of new culture and sophistication. Speaking of which, you should come with us on Seastreak! We can help you launch that first part of your voyage in class and comfort. By the time you get to the Hall and start engaging in its sophisticated culture, you’ll have practiced, practiced, practiced.

Sea you Soon!
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