The culture surrounding many of Spain’s regions, most especially Asturias on the Atlantic coast, encourages meals shared with good friends over conversation and laughter. You can find a local taste of this companionable style, not to mention delicious cuisine, at Tertulia, on 6th Avenue!

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Compliments to the Chef

Chef Seamus Mullen discovered the charming food of the Asturias region while working in some of Spain’s best kitchens. On his return to the United States, he opened the Boqueria tapas bar, and then ambitiously moved forward with his career as a finalist on Food Network’s exciting series, “The Next Iron Chef”!

The award-winning chef brings his passion for Spanish food to everything he cooks at Tertulia. The restaurant itself takes its theme from the word used to describe gatherings of friends which feature excellent food and drink. Dishes here are meant to be shared among those at the table, passed around and enjoyed by all.

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Meals Worth Sharing

You’ll find hard cider on tap, as well as an array of wines to accompany your meal. Fresh ingredients combine to create deceptively simple dishes which will leave an impression long after you’ve cleaned the plate. Succulent seafood, including grilled clams and seared fish from the daily markets, join crispy snail rice, and grilled lamb breast on a menu which combines traditional foods with a modern flair. Enjoy Chef Mullen’s spectacular creations for brunch, lunch, or dinner!

Seastreak’s deluxe seating, both inside the cabin and outside on the deck, is the perfect way to get to and from a delicious dinner at Tertulia. Continue the laughter and conversation on one of our catamarans as you travel. We welcome your bags of leftovers aboard, too!

Sea you soon!

The Seastreak Family

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