Wine has a huge and loyal following. Throw a stone in a crowded area, and you’re likely to end up with an assault charge from a wine lover who just got hit by a stone. (Skip throwing stones in crowded areas.) Many people who aren’t already wine lovers would love to learn more about this fascinating drink, but don’t know where to start. Even current wine aficionados are on the lookout for new things to try, but are reluctant to take a chance on an expensive bottle they’ll hate. Enter the wine tasting! You have a terrific opportunity to sample different vintages at the 6th annual NYC Winter Wine Festival on Saturday, February 7! It’s at the Best Buy Theater Times Square (1515 Broadway).

NYC Winter Wine Festival 1

A Taste of Culture

Attending the NYC Winter Wine Festival offers you the chance to sample over 250 different vintages from around the world. For three hours, you can wander the massive theater, stopping to taste whatever wines intrigue you. Hors d’oeuvres will be served as well, as will a variety of antipasto, pasta, cheese, and bread. The festival helpfully provides you a program guide, with a listing of what wines are available at what tables.

You will receive a wine glass of your own to drink from, designed to enhance the flavors of the wines. When the event is over, the glass is yours to keep!

NYC Winter Wine Festival 2

Jazz Up Your Weekend

The only thing that would make this party better is a little music. They’ve thought of that. Grammy-nominated jazz act Special EFX will be playing live, on stage, for the NYC Winter Wine Festival!

You can get tickets for one of two sessions for the wine tasting. If you decide to take the later session, don’t forget about Seastreak’s new late night shuttle service! Let us be your designated driver.


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