For some of us, our first exposure to anything supposedly Swedish was a certain Muppet who likes to cook. (Not that we admit it. We’d hate to date ourselves.) Or maybe we think of inexpensive furniture with obscure directions. Both of these are too bad, because true Swedish culture is both amazing and worth learning more about. So are the people. We’re fortunate New York’s Swedish community wants to teach us more about their heritage! They’re doing it up right this Friday, June 19 at the Swedish Midsummer Festival! It’s at Robert F. Wagner Junior Park (55 Battery Place) from 5 PM to 8 PM.

Swedish Midsummer Festival 1

Pole Position

The midsummer pole is one of the most iconic symbols of Sweden’s summertime festivities. You can help decorate the one for this fabulous party, as well as make flower wreaths and picnic in the park. This event’s great for people of all ages, so bring your family along for this once-a-year chance to celebrate one thread of the Big Apple’s cultural tapestry.

Swedish Midsummer Festival 2

There’s plenty more to do than just making decorations. Take in authentic Swedish music, including Scandanavian folk songs and fiddle tunes! There’ll be dancing around the midsummer pole, as well. Folks who aren’t much into dancing can play traditional games or listen to folklore.

Swedish Midsummer Festival 3

More than Meatballs

Many of the city’s favorite food purveyors will be there to make your picnic memorable. Eat delectable Swedish meals from Smorgas Chef Stone Street, or mouth-watering treats from FIKA NYC. Hungry for something more familiar? Red Rooster Harlem will be there, too, as will Gigino’s. Watch the folk dancing while you fill up on all the delicious eats on offer!

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