Think of the southwest. The intense, unrelenting heat. The determined cactus looking for a place in your boot. The cowpokes riding across the open range on their magnificent seahorses. Not really the image that sprung to mind first, was it? It’s that off-beat creativity that makes Cowgirl Sea Horse a fun place to eat! Mosey on down to 259 Front Street, about half a mile away from Seastreak’s docks at Pier 11. You’ll find delicious seafood, southwestern cuisine, and stick-to-your-ribs southern food to hog tie your appetite.

Cowgirl Seahorse 1

From the Southwest to South Street Seaport

Cowgirl Sea Horse is the younger sister restaurant to Cowgirl, Sherry Delamarter’s homage to the Cowgirl Hall of Fame in Texas. Sea Horse features some of the same southwestern cuisine of its sibling establishment, but with a seafood twist to lend it a truly unique taste. Alongside these Texas-style treats, you’ll find hearty southern comfort dishes, too.

Try the Seahorse Nachos, with toppings that range from Chimayo grilled chicken to grilled shrimp or pulled pork. There’s quesadillas, too, topped with chicken, blackened shrimp, or black beans. The Gulf Coast gumbo is a real bayou classic.

Cowgirl Seahorse 2

Midweek Fun at Cowgirl Sea Horse

On Wednesday nights, Cowgirl Sea Horse hosts a trivia night! Test your knowledge of weird and useless facts while you take advantage of the $1 oysters and half price bottles of wine. Winners get a $25 gift certificate!

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Want to rustle up a deal on some fine grub? Sign up for Lower Manhattan Tuesdays, and you can get a free coffee at Cowgirl Sea Horse when you buy any dessert. It’s a great way to finish a meal!

Saddle up and catch a ride with Seastreak! We’ll get you there and back again on time, no spurs needed. No cactus, either. Just the wide-open range (all right, it’s a river), and your trusty Seastreak ferry to carry you.


Sea you soon!

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