Have Hollywood movies all started to look the same to you? Another car chase, another explosion, another rebooted franchise out to ruin your favorite childhood media memories. (Not that we’re bitter.) Step outside the usual movie fare, and see some of the freshest ideas in cinema today at the Big Apple Film Festival! It takes place November 5 through November 9, at the Tribeca Cinemas. (54 Varick Street.) It’s five days of independent cinema selections, featuring both unknowns and a surprising number of well-known actors.

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Truly Creative Cinema

The Big Apple Film Festival is a yearly event that’s been named one of the 25 Coolest Film Festivals by MovieMaker Magazine. Every year, it sets out to promote and showcase the most engaging films from New York City’s independent film community. Also thrown in for good measure are specially selected films from both our country and around the world. The festival is proud to honor local filmmakers, actors, writers and artists who’ve helped to influence the growth of independent cinema in the area.

Big Apple Film Festival 2

This year’s festival opens with the feature film “Manhattan Romance”, which is directed by (and also stars) Tom O’Brien. The cast includes Gaby Hoffmann of “Veronica Mars” fame, Caitlan Fitzgerald of “It’s Complicated”, and Katherine Waterston of “Boardwalk Empire”. It’s a funny and insightful look at contemporary life in Manhattan.

Big Apple Film Festival 3

Unexpected Celluloid Treasures

Other exciting films include “Bread and Butter”, starring Lauren Lapkus of “Orange is the New Black” and Bobby Moynihan of “Saturday Night Live”, a delayed-coming-of-age tale about a 31-year-old woman who’s hitting some milestones a little bit late. Baldwin fans will like “The Wisdom to Know the Difference”, directed by and starring Daniel Baldwin, with Stephen Baldwin and Lou Diamond Phillips.

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