By Eric Braun of Jersey Sporting News

Atlantic Highlands – I must admit I was a little skeptical about taking a ferry ride into Yankee Stadium after years of driving in. I was giving up the tailgating and playing catch with my son in the parking lot before a game for a boat ride from Atlantic Highlands to the Bronx.

Wow, was I wrong! The crew and management at Seastreak should be nothing but proud of the services they can offer. On Sunday, July 20th, I had the opportunity to catch a game between the New York Yankees and the Cincinnati Reds with my friend Steve Kwartin and our two boys, C.J. Braun and David Kwartin.

Seastreak Hits a Homerun 1

The morning driving to the ferry, it was a little overcast, but by the time we got settled in to our outdoor seats on the upper deck of the ferry, the skies were blue and the sun was beaming down. Once we got going and hit the open waters, the boys got up and went to the front of the ferry to take in the breeze, spraying of the water, and amazing views, while Steve and I kicked back and enjoyed a couple of beers that we purchased on the ferry. So, the entire tailgating aspect that we thought we were going to miss out on, we still managed to get in, thanks to the food and drink services available during the ferry ride.

The memories of the ferry ride into the stadium you cannot get anywhere else. Talking to our son’s about the iconic buildings, structures and views, and seeing the smiles on their faces during the entire outing, are memories that you can’t get every day, and are one’s that will last a lifetime. From the views of Ellis Island to the Statue of Liberty, to the new New York skyline, there is no better way to travel.

Seastreak Hits a Homerun 2

Once at the stadium, the seats that Seastreak had to offer were perfect! We sat in the upper-deck where the boys could see all the action. On this day, it was the last visit to Yankee Stadium of this season for local baseball standout Todd Frazier, who plays for the Reds. In the top of the eighth inning with the Yankees in the lead, Frazier belted a home run to tie the game. Even though we are Yankees fans, we had to celebrate the local kid who is succeeding at the Major League level. The Yankees, however, would win it in the bottom of the ninth to cap-off another great Yankee Stadium experience.

Seastreak Hits a Homerun 3

On our return trip home, Steve and I spoke with a couple from Holmdel, and we all had the same sentiment about the trip, “no better way to travel to a game!” The ferry was clean, had food and drink services, no traffic to deal with, and breathtaking views. I would definitely travel with Seastreak again.

Seastreak does offer daily year-round ferry services from Atlantic Highlands and Highlands, NJ, to Pier 11/Wall Street, East 35th Street, and shuttle service to the World Financial Center. Offering indoor and outdoor seating, full service bar, restrooms and complimentary parking, Seastreak fast passenger catamarans provide the fastest commute to New York City!

Check out the upcoming events at for service to Mets, Yankees, Army football and more. Or call them at 1-800-BOATRIDE.

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