The words “American cuisine” summon up images of juicy hot dogs and hot apple pie, but our nation’s food legacy has much more to offer. Used to be, the best way to take a tour of our nation was along the historic Route 66 highway, where you could eat your way across America one city at a time. You can still catch some of that magic at Route 66 Smokehouse, down at 46 Stone Street.

Route 66 Smokehouse

Road Trip

Route 66 Smokehouse brings its unique spin on regional American dishes to the Financial District with a menu which should make you hungry looking at it. Get a taste of the South with fried green tomatoes, or a fried oyster po’ boy with sweet potato fries. It wouldn’t be a smokehouse without a pit roast, and Route 66 doesn’t disappoint. Have some sliced brisket, or a rack of ribs and a stack of napkins.

Route 66 Smokehouse 2

Not convinced? How about the selection of over 70 different whiskeys? Route 66 has a selection of ryes and bourbons which ought to satisfy even the most discerning tastes. Beer lovers won’t go home sad, either. There’s plenty of brews to go with the stick-to-your-ribs meals you’ll find here.

Get Your Kicks

Grab a great deal on Route 66’s barbecue, and a beer to wet your whistle, with Lower Manhattan Tuesdays’s special promotion. You can have a half rack of Saint Louis Ribs and a pint of Shiner Bock for just $20. The first taste will have you ready to grab your keys and take a drive down America’s most famous stretch of pavement. (Though it might be easier just to plan another trip with Seastreak to take you back to the restaurant.)

Go from Route 66 to Pier 11, and catch a Seastreak ferry, to complete your flavorful trip to Manhattan. We’re proud to be part of America’s travel traditions, just like the legendary Route 66.

Sea you soon!

The Seastreak Family

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