Ever wanted to eat world-class food while gazing over NYC’s beautiful skyscape – and, of course, do it all inside a New York City landmark? If so, prepare to have your wishes come true in a place where all the different flavors of food and all the most sophisticated styles of dining mingle together like the colors in a rainbow: the Rainbow Room!

Rainbow Room 1

Dining and (Often) Dancing
The Rainbow Room’s kitchen staff is headed by Executive Chef Jonathan Wright, and produces amazing feats of culinary prowess. Until you’ve had dinner at the Rainbow Room, you haven’t really lived.

But perhaps the best part is the dancing! The Rainbow Room invites only the best musicians and performers to grace its stage. Currently, Max Mondays are running, where on Monday nights you can go to see the Max Weinberg Orchestra. Oh, them? No, they’re just back from their tour with Bruce Springsteen, plus Max just got inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Rainbow Room 2

So, y’know, no big deal there.

You can also check out the dinner and dancing list to see the times and performers for other nights. Pick the one that suits you best, and go have a ball!

Remember to make a reservation at 212-632-5000, or online!

Munchin’ on Brunch
Maybe you’re not a dinner person, though. Maybe you’re wondering how you can get to this place without having to be up late at night. Well you’re in luck, because one of the things the Rainbow Room is famous for are its Sunday brunches!

Rainbow Room 3
For these brunches, the culinary genius uses an ingredient-focused approach to blend a variety of international dishes and styles into one scrumptious menu. You can go check out his masterpieces from 11:30am to 3:30pm on Sundays.

Again, remember to make your reservations!

Have you ever seen a rainbow form over the water, like a bay or an ocean? It’s a beautiful sight, the colors soaring from the lowest point on the horizon up on into the sky… Even if you haven’t seen a rainbow on the water, now you can see one from the water, as Seastreak glides you magically towards your destination.

Sea you Soon!

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