It’s time once again for Strange Facts from Seastreak! You probably know the phrase “stick to your ribs” refers to food that keeps you feeling full for a long time after you’ve eaten it, but do you know how long that phrase has been around? Turns out, that particular idiom has its roots in medieval times. Scholars have spotted it in texts as early as 1603. The earliest citation comes from a writing called “The Bachelor’s Banquet” by Thomas Dekker. For a great modern example of what “stick to your ribs” means, grab a meal from Pies ‘n’ Thighs at 43 Canal Street!

Pies n Thighs 1

Chicken and More

Eat breakfast at this Southern cuisine spot, and you may find you aren’t hungry again until next Tuesday. (Or just until late afternoon, anyway.) A plate of chicken and waffles will definitely stick to your ribs. So will the fish and grits. Or go traditional with a fresh fruit short stack: three buttermilk pancakes with sour cherries, and cinnamon butter on top.

Pies n Thighs 2

Once lunch and supper creep up on you, your menu choices open up to include some real gut fillers. The fried catfish box includes cornmeal-fried catfish, some cornbread, tartar sauce, and pickles, with your choice of side dishes. Side dishes at Pies ‘n’ Thighs are stars all by themselves. Spicy black-eyed pea salad, cheese grits, burnt end baked beans, mac and cheese… There’s even a menu item called “Superbowl” that’s three side dishes with a biscuit or cornbread.

Pies n Thighs 3

Three Point One Four One Five Nine

Let us not forget the most important part of the restaurant’s name. The pies here are rapturous. Have a slice of banana cream pie, apple pie, chocolate pudding pie, or the amazing bourbon pecan pie. For a more portable meal finisher, choose one of the award-winning donuts!

A ride on a Seastreak ferry will stick with you for a while! Great memories of our luxurious catamarans and terrific service will bring you back again and again.


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