When Ivan Pavlov rang a bell, his dogs started salivating. It was all part of an experiment about behavioral conditioning. Ring a bell every time you give a dog dinner, and they’ll drool like a waterfall when they hear the sound. You can perform the same experiment today with humans. Say the word “steak”, and the drool starts up. (Sometimes, all you have to do is write the word. Drooling yet?) If you’re going to indulge in a carnivorous feast, you ought to do it up right. Try out one of the best steakhouses in New York, Peter Luger! It’s over in Brooklyn, at 178 Broadway!

Peter Luger 1

A Feat of Meat

Steak is an art form underappreciated by many. How different can one slab of beef be from the next? Turns out, the answer is “really different”. Peter Luger knows how to select the best cuts of prime, aged beef, marbled and thick, then cook them to glorious magnificence. Steaks only taste the same until you’ve tried one that’s far above the rest.

Peter Luger 2

Let’s divert from the restaurant a moment to talk about that meat. The meat from Peter Luger is so remarkable, you can order it online. They have a butcher shop from which you can acquire steaks, no matter where you live in the country. To say they’re serious about their steaks is to understate the matter.

Eat Meat and Be Merry

The restaurant actually has a menu, but it feels entirely superfluous. Use it to choose some appetizers to warm you up for the main course, or pick out side dishes to look pretty next to your steak. Desserts are on offer, if you have room left over.

After that? Just say “steak”. It’s the lingua franca of the restaurant.

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Seastreak is as serious about ferries as Peter Luger is about steaks. We’re dedicated to bringing you the most luxurious trip with the best customer service!


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