Tattoos have gotten a bad rap. Once, they were the symbol of the rebellious and antisocial. Times have changed that for the better. These days, tattoos often display a real talent in a very unique art form. They’re memento mori, they’re symbolic, and sometimes, they’re just for fun. If you’ve been thinking about decorating your skin with a touch of ink, or maybe picking up a new piercing, you’re in luck this weekend. The 18th Annual NYC Tattoo Convention (this link’s potentially NSFW, so click with care) is happening June 12th through June 14th at the Metropolitan Pavilion! (125 West 18th Street)

NYC Tattoo Convention 1

Thinking about Ink

New York’s got a rich past when it comes to tattoos. The first electric tattoo machine was invented and patented here, and this festival builds on that nifty bit of history. More than 100 vendors and artists from around the country will be on hand to demonstrate, answer questions, and help you create the perfect body art for you.

For some cultures, tattoos are sacred and meaningful. Wear your heritage proudly on your skin with traditional tattoo art, or design your own pieces to suit your style. For folks with an aversion to needles, there’ll also be jewelry, art, and clothing on sale for you to enjoy.

NYC Tattoo Convention 2

Erasing the Oops

Everyone’s got stuff in their past they regret. If your “oops” involved a tattoo you regret now, the convention may have your solution. For the first time this year, they’ll be featuring Tataway Laser Tattoo Removal. Learn more about removing unwanted tattoos with this service, and see if it might be right for your needs.

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