Are you in the mood for something smooth and flowing? Something rich and liquid as it washes over your senses? No, I’m not talking about chocolate milk — though that is delicious — I’m talking about ballet. Specifically, the New York City Ballet, which is one of the best in the world. They do the art of ballet — such a graceful form of dance — true justice.
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Swan Lake
This romantic tragedy was written by Peter Tschaikovsky, a 19th-century Russian composer who thought that ballet was “the most innocent, the most moral of the arts.” It’s one of the great works. You may have heard of it, even if ballet isn’t really your thing.

This piece last played at the NYC Ballet in 2013, to sold-out houses. Its staging is based on staging that played before Czar Nicholas II himself. Although the ballet had not been played with Tschaikovsky’s proper score until then, Nicholas was so impressed that he ordered the entire thing produced.
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Interactive Inspiration
But the NYC Ballet doesn’t just stop at dancing. No, they go the extra mile and offer programs to interact with and engage all members of the community. For adults and young adults, they offer programs such as Artist Chats, which gives you 45 minutes before a show on Friday nights to ask questions of one of the performers or artistic staff. You can also check Ballet Essentials, where you can learn some ballet moves from the performers themselves. And the kids aren’t left out! Family Saturdays offer short works of ballet for those who are too squirmy sit through a long one, and a chance to practice some of the choreography from the upcoming matinée!
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Whether you have a burning passion for ballet or are just thinking of trying it out, the New York City Ballet is one of the best places you can go. Ballet is a mark of culture, and of a sophisticated, civilized person — so it makes sense to get there in the most civilized way you can. On Seastreak, we’ll pamper you properly as you move with flowing grace across the rippling waters.

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