These days, transportation in New York City means bright yellow taxis, big city buses, or a trip to the airport. Back in the day, though, it meant massive, fancy ocean liners majestically gliding through the harbor. (Also, icebergs, but we’re going to ignore those for now.) One restaurant on the waterfront hopes to recapture the feel of the Gilded Age with both its location and its décor. Get a little nautical with a meal at Pier A Harbor House! It opened up late last year at 22 Battery Place, and it’s not quite a mile away from Seastreak’s docks at Pier 11!

Pier A Harbor House 1

See? Food.

The menu at Pier A Harbor House took its notion from the ocean. Sure, there’s a few land-based mammals up for ordering on the menu, like cheeseburgers, country fried steaks, or bratwurst. When you go to a place that calls itself a “harbor house”, though, you’re probably looking for the seafood.

You’ll find it here. Pier A has a raw bar with all the oysters you can handle. Prefer your oysters a little more cooked? No trouble there. Baked oysters make an appearance, too. Or grab a plate of steamed mussels, a huge lobster bake, or some old-fashioned fish and chips.

Pier A Harbor House 2

Brews Too

A delicious meal deserves the perfect drinkable complement, and Pier A Harbor House knows it. That’s why they have an extensive selection of craft beers. You’ll find a pint to match any dish that catches your fancy! You can also find wine and spirits, if you’re less of a beer sort.

Pier A Harbor House 3

Transportation in New York also means ferries! Seastreak is proud to join the planes, trains, and automobiles of New York in getting people where they need to be! We’ve got all the luxury of a Gilded Age ocean liner without those pesky icebergs.


Sea you soon!

The Seastreak Family



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