Vegetarians, you’re going to want to sit this one out. We love our veggies, and if you’re strictly an herbivore, let us point you toward Beyond Sushi as a terrific place to get yourself a bite to eat. Today, though, we’re talking to the carnivores in the crowd. Head four and a half miles up the road from Pier 11, and you’ll find a meat lover’s paradise at The Cannibal Beer and Butcher. They’re at 113 East 29th Street, between Lexington and Park in the Flatiron District.

The Cannibal 1

The Meat of the Matter

When we say “meat”, we don’t mean hamburgers. We mean “half a pig’s head”. The Cannibal has dedicated itself to preparing meats to their best advantage, using techniques that bring out the unique texture and flavor of each. Chef Francis Derby turns the practice of eating all the animal, nose to tail, into a culinary encounter of the carnivore kind.

You won’t find a single fava bean at The Cannibal, but you will find a mouth-watering selection of pates, sausages, and charcuterie. Meals such as ham boards and the Tandori lamb belly are designed for sharing with your table, not to mention the infamous half pig’s head for two. That makes this the perfect place to have an old friend for dinner.

Beer and Cheese, Too

The Cannibal also serves a nice selection of cheeses, bottled beers, and some vegetable plates to round out your meal. During the day, you’ll find cycling gear and bike jerseys for sale. They bill themselves as a ride-up, sit-in beer and butcher shop. Their name comes from a Belgian cyclist, which says plenty for their devotion to the cycling culture.

The Cannibal 2

Did you know you can bring your bicycle on a Seastreak ferry? For just $5 extra, you can bring your bike along and ride up to Cannibal and join into their bicycle-friendly atmosphere!


Sea you soon!

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