Run-down and often overcrowded tenements still offered promise to immigrants who had just landed on Staten Island. Even if your name was switched from O’Suileabhain to Sullivan, you still needed a home and employment. What better way to experience what life was like immigrating to a young country than at The Tenement Museum at 103 Orchard Street New York, NY.
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Live In The Past 2Where can you not only see into the past but feel and hear what life was like during different time periods? The Tenement Museum opens its doors to the modern world but once you step inside be prepared to interact with characters who have stepped out of time itself! Be addressed as if you are fresh off the boat and ask questions about what life is like for the now seasoned immigrant. Feel the fabrics, hear the vernacular, and even lend a helping hand to complete a chore or two if you like. Each floor of the Tenement Museum offers a new family life and a new time to experience. Become part of the play while you interact with the museum “pieces”.

Step Out of The Canvas & Into the Street!
The Tenement offers more than just four walls of brick and mortar! The past 100 years has shaped the Lower East Side as well as Orchard Street itself. The many cultures and peoples that have graced the dusty roadway and tenement lined streets have shaped the very landscape of New York. The Tenement Museum recognizes this and offers walking tours of Orchard Street!

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Learn about the buildings that have stood the test of time. See and hear about the storefronts and the communities of small businesses, and taste the foods that have evolved from this culturally rich area.

Sea From Their View
Start your journey back in time with a modern twist. Seastreak offers a comfortable way for you to get a glimpse of New York in a similar fashion as those who came off the boats from their homelands those many years ago. Start your journey to the past in the present with us!


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