New York’s police force is full of heroes. Sure, everyone grumbles about the police now and then, but we know that no matter what trouble hits New York, the police will meet the challenge. You can learn more about the history of our world-famous police force at the New York City Police Museum! It’s at 45 Wall Street, not even half a mile from our docks at Pier 11!

NYC Police Museum 1

The History of Heroes

This museum has made its mission the preservation of the New York City Police Department’s long and storied history. The police you see on the street today are the product of the department’s long years serving the people of New York. See how they’ve changed from the very first days of the force!

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See police uniforms from times gone by on display, along with pictures that show just how far the force has come. Every Wednesday and Saturday, you can catch a walking tour that follows the history of the police force from its inception to current times. As of this posting, there’s also an exhibit which shows the history of women on the police force, back from the times when their uniforms included high heels and specially designed handbags for their guns.

Don’t Cop Out!

You’ve only got a couple Tuesdays left to take advantage of the Lower Manhattan Tuesdays promotion! When you sign up, you can get 10% off at the New York City Police Museum’s gift shop. Grab these deals before they disappear on September 30!

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Seastreak salutes all the men and women in uniform who help keep our great city safe. We appreciate everything you do to make our city the greatest in the country! To learn more about some of our city’s other big heroes, don’t miss the New York City Fire Museum.


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