We are a do-it-yourself nation. Why call a repairman when you can dismantle your dishwasher, make four trips to the hardware store for all the gaskets you forgot, and have the pride of knowing that you fixed it yourself? (Or that you caused all those leaks yourself, as opposed to a random breakage.) Our exuberance to accomplish ought to extend to other parts of our lives, such as dinners out. Forget having a chef prepare your meal. Do it right at your table with a Korean barbecue! Head down to Baekjeong Korean BBQ at 1 East 32nd Street for a delicious meal you grill your way.

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Simmering, Savory Suppers

Korean barbecue has a great deal of appeal. Little gas grills built into the tables allow you control over the cooking of your supper. Restaurant quality still matters, though, as the marinades and preparation work come through in the finished product. Baekjeong Korean BBQ gives New Yorkers a shining example of the culinary style.

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This restaurant is full of character. It’s one of the famous Kang Ho Dong’s establishments, and it has taste as big as the proprietor’s personality. (He’s a comedian, an MC, and even a former professional wrestler. The gentleman’s fit a lot of fascinating stuff into his life.) Enjoy the fun, zany atmosphere while you chow down.

Taking Char-ge of Your Meal

Choose from a variety of cuts of beef or pork. It’s pretty hard to go wrong with either. Tender pork belly, boneless short ribs, rich pork collar, all of them are worth trying. Meals come with soups for starters, and steamed egg and cheese corn on the side. Don’t miss out on the seafood pancake!

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Seastreak believes in the do-it-yourself spirit! That said, we encourage you not to build a raft and float across the Hudson. Let us give you a luxurious trip instead.


Sea you soon!

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