…or possibly all gaffs, depending on how you interpret his routine. Jim Gaffigan is just that kind of comedian. But gaffs or no, one thing is guaranteed — he’ll make you laugh. He’ll make you cry. The latter probably as a result of laughing too much, although possibly out of pity for the wreck of a man he sometimes portrays himself to be. And he’ll be performing at Madison Square Garden on Saturday, December 12th, at 8pm.
Jim Gaffigan 1
The Gaffiganiest
In case you were wondering, no, that is not a word. It’s not even close to one. But again, it’s in keeping with the spirit of his show, so I stand by it.

Jim Gaffigan first rose to prominence based on (and I am not making this up) Hot Pockets. He has a rather ingenious routine wherein he pokes a lot of fun at them, and their various unnatural, sometimes napalm-like contents. In my estimation, they’re all fair observations. He also makes fairly quick work of the Hot Pockets jingle (which is “hot pockets”), and riffs on numerous other things, some of which aren’t even related to food.

Unlike many (though certainly not all) comedians, Jim Gaffigan has a loving family of a wife and five children, and a wide array of best friends — whomsoever happens to be in the fridge at the time.
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What to Expect
The unexpected!

OK, not terribly helpful. Jim Gaffigan’s style of comedy is “clean” — he uses little profanity. In fact, between this and his Catholicism, he was selected to perform for the Pope when he visited the US this fall! His comedy is an observational style, combined with wry wit, and jokes about food. Lots and lots of jokes about food. But hey, if you’ve found something you’re passionate about, follow your dream, right?
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Jim Gaffigan is easily one of the funniest men alive today, and you only need to see him yourself to prove it. So head on over to Madison Square Garden, and let Seastreak be your transportation to the city! We have plenty of drinks and snacks on board so that you can arrive fully prepared and ready to enjoy Gaffigan’s unique brand of humor. So go ahead — live it up, laugh it up, and eat it up.

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