For simple, utilitarian devices, clocks have a very distinctive cachet. They represent the mystery and inexorableness of linear time, they make us dream about turning back the hands to relive moments of our lives, and frankly, they’re just plain neat. We take pride in our timepieces, and some of them are notorious marks of status. So it’s not too surprising one of London’s famous chefs chose a well-known clock as both the location and the name of his New York restaurant! Take a meal at the Clocktower, Jason Atherton’s newly opened restaurant (at 5 Madison Avenue)!

The Clocktower 1

A Minute to Appreciate

Just the location marks this restaurant as something special. The Metropolitan Life building is one of the icons of the city, and its clock tower is difficult to miss. The Clocktower is in the second floor of this landmark, overlooking scenic Madison Square Park. Inside, you’ll find a restaurant decorated in uncommon style. A little eccentric, a little funky, and all stylish.

This style isn’t just nice to look at. The Clocktower features a very lively bar, one worth hanging out at. It also features a billiards room, colored by the glow of a purple lamp.

The Clocktower 2

Time for Food

A restaurant’s ambiance is nice, but the food is what really matters. Contemporary British cuisine rules the day, seasonally inspired and designed to cater to formal and casual tastes alike. Eat your fill of more classic tavern foods, or dig into more deliberate cuisine. Dishes such as the côte de boeuf with bone-marrow jus are truly masterworks of extravagant meals. Or just grab a plate of macaroni and cheese with ox cheek and morels, and you can’t go wrong.

The Clocktower 3

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