The wonderful thing about Halloween is that nearly everyone gets in on the spirit of the thing. And who more appropriate to get involved in this holiday than the Bronx Zoo? Animals are such an important part of the Halloween tradition. They show up everywhere — bats, toads, newts, wolves, cats, rats, rhinoceroses… OK, well almost everywhere. A Halloween rhinoceros would be pretty scary, though, you have to admit.
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And the Bronx Zoo seems to agree, because they are once again hosting their special Boo at the Zoo event this weekend, through Sunday, November 1st. You can buy your tickets at the gate, or save some money by buying online, and attend their Mystery and Mischief event! In addition to the normal fun of seeing the animals, you can participate in the fun special events the zoo has planned!

Hay Maze
This Halloween-themed adventure runs from 11am to 5pm, and is located by the Butterfly Garden. It gives you and the kids a chance to navigate the maze’s twists and turns, and emerge happy and triumphant. This can be even more fun if your little ones are still little enough that they can’t see over the bales of hay that make up the walls!
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Costume Parade
The Costume Parade — and aren’t costumes just at the heart of Halloween? — runs twice each day, once from 12-1pm, and then again from 2-3pm. It starts at the Rhino Garden and extends to the Grizzly Bears. And, it features the Alice Farley Dance Company leading your children in a costumed Animal Mystery and Mischief Parade! Kids have a blast at this opportunity to strut their stuff, whether they’re dressed as an animal or something else entirely.
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Treat Stations
More trick-or-treating time! From 11am to 5pm, the zoo will be running treat stations by the Lions, at the World of Reptiles, on the Mouse House lawn, by the Grizzly Bears, and by the Jack o’ Lantern Illumination (another fun event that we don’t have quite the space to get into here). Kids can safely go around trick-or-treating to receive snacks and candies. This is a great place to get the kids warmed up for the night’s events, or a good way to trick or treat with monsters so small that they can’t stay up late enough to trick or treat at the regular time.
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You can never go wrong with the zoo, and on this holiday where both the natural and supernatural worlds exert their strongest pull, it’s the perfect place to be. Come sample the fun and excitement being doled out by the Bronx Zoo, and come on the Seastreak! A Halloween day excursion can be great fun, but a long Halloween day drive will just leave you tired by the time the trick-or-treaters reach your door. And that won’t be a treat for anyone.

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