Have you ever wondered how your life might have changed if you had made different decisions at crucial points in your life? The contemporary musical If/Then explores the two paths of possibility in one woman’s life as a pair of stories unfold, filled with new musical numbers and themes about human nature. It’s playing right now on Broadway!

Ifthen 1

On the heels of her international success as Elsa in the popular Disney animated film “Frozen”, Idina Menzel takes on a new role as Elizabeth. Elizabeth has recently returned to New York after her divorce, in a bid to get a fresh start on her life. Soon after her return to the city, she meets up with her friends Kate and Lucas, who each have ideas for how Elizabeth should go forward.

Kate believes Elizabeth should call herself “Liz”, and look for new experiences in her life. Lucas, however, tells Elizabeth she should take up her college nickname “Beth” again, and forge professional connections in New York. This seemingly simple choice between names and potential paths is the crux of If/Then’s dual storylines.


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The rest of the musical simultaneously follows both choices Elizabeth can make from this encounter between her friends. Each choice resonates with the other, as chance encounters change and similar themes between both life-paths play out with distinctive consequences. Not only does Elizabeth’s life change with the initial choice she makes, but the lives of her friends differ for better and for worse. The split directions of Elizabeth’s story illustrate the power of everyday decisions, and how one person can change the lives of many.

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