One of New York City’s most cherished Halloween traditions is the Village Halloween Parade. Which is, in its own right, very fun and quite a lovely way to spend your evening. However, there are certain things that the Village Parade lacks. For instance, puppies dressed up in costumes! And who doesn’t want to see that?

Seriously, who doesn’t?

Well you’re in luck, because on Saturday, October 24th, from noon until 3pm, the Tompkins Square Dog Run puts on its 25th(!) annual Halloween Dog Parade.

The Old Haunt
As you might guess from the 25th annual parade, the Dog Run has been up and around for quite a bit now, and their focus has always been on the enjoyment, entertainment, and betterment of dogs, their owners, and the community. The Run has been holding this parade almost since it was first opened, back in 1990. Up until that point, this expanse of park that is now filled with so many of our happy, barking, four-legged friends, had been a dangerous place, suffering from the effects of crime and drug use that plagued New York.

The community, however, came together and created this park — which is completely community-supported, with no funding from the city. Their love and care is obvious in every aspect of the Run’s existence… especially the Halloween parade!
Dog Costume Parade 1
A Hallowed Halloween
The parade is, without a doubt, one of the most entertaining things going on at the park, and is worth coming in to see! It is, according to CNN, “the largest dog costume parade in the world,” and the London Guardian says “it’s barkin’ mad!”

There are over $4,000 in prizes for the contest’s lucky (well, creative and skilled) winners, including an iPad mini for best in show, as well as various prizes for lucky (actually lucky) raffle winners.
Dog Costume Parade 2
You Lucky Dog
There will also be a chance to show your love to the canine community: a variety of animal shelters and advocacy groups will be on site with dogs who need a loving, caring home. Just because you come without a furry friend doesn’t mean you have to leave alone and without one.
Dog Costume Parade 3
Whether it’s for the kids, the kid inside of you, or both, the Tompkins Square Dog Run’s Halloween Dog Parade is a wonderful time. A chance to watch these festivities makes for a wonderful, relaxing day. And come over to see it with us on Seastreak! With our luxury treatment and all-out pampering, you’ll get there in prime shape to enjoy the fun.

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