Subways, buses, and above-ground streets now make up the heart of New York’s transportation network, but once, trains ruled the land when it came to getting people and goods from one place to another. You won’t find a better testament to the import of the railroads which shaped the area than Grand Central Terminal! You’ll find it at 89 E. 42nd Street.

Grand Central Terminal

The Heart of Transportation

This beautiful edifice is more than simply a train station. Grand Central Terminal gave vitality to the area when it was first built in the early 1900s, creating an effective neighborhood around the impressive train hub. Since that time, Grand Central Terminal has served as a U.S.O Canteen, a shelter for blackouts, and a memorial for the fallen. It fell into disrepair after World War II, and the city considered tearing it down. Instead, extensive restorations have returned it to its former glory.

Headset tours of Grand Central Terminal are available seven days a week, barring some holidays. If you’d rather take the tour on your own time, you can download an app for your smartphone and wander at your leisure! You’ll find 68 shops in Grand Central Terminal, including the Apple Store, M.A.C Cosmetics, Aveda. When you get hungry, a snack or a decadent lunch is no further away than Magnolia Bakery, or Two Boots Pizzeria.

Grand Central Terminal 2

A Worthy Destination

Plan to spend plenty of time at Grand Central Terminal. The formidable building is a work of architectural genius. Inside, you’ll also find other attractions, such as art displays and special events hosted by the merchants within!

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