America started over here on the East Coast, and you can see bits of history everywhere you go out here. If you think about it, the West Coast is like the rebellious cousin the family gossips about at holiday dinners. The one you shake your head over, but secretly wish you could be for a day. Just to get a taste of the way they live. Now, you can, and in two convenient locations! Taste California-style dishes by star chefs at Genuine Superette! Visit them at their established Gotham West Market location (600 11th Avenue), or their new Downtown location (191 Grand Street)!

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California, Here We Come

California food has a reputation for its fresh ingredients and healthy style. Genuine Superette brings that delicious sensibility to the heart of New York with creative burgers, chicken sandwiches, and ahi tuna tacos and burgers to die for. (Or, since it’s healthy food, to live for.)

Fans of the all-American hamburger, it’s burger time. Build your own burger out of a list of ingredients that includes different cheeses, avocados, and of course, bacon. Or go with one of their house burgers, like the spicy smokehouse burger, with smoked gouda, charred jalapeno, and the all-important bacon. (Sense a theme? You can’t go wrong with bacon.)

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The Big Chill

Now that you’ve eaten a healthy meal, it’s time to pitch health to the wind by trying ice cream by the Ice Cream King Sam Mason. There’s scoops, but the real excitement is in the specially designed ice cream sandwiches. Go classic with vanilla bean, salted caramel, and chocolate pearls; or walk on the wild side with miso cherry, butterscotch, and toasted walnuts.

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Seastreak ferries are the genuine article. Real luxury combines with excellent customer service to serve up your favorite way to get where you’re going!


Sea you soon!

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