A quick glance through some of our favorite things says we like French stuff pretty well. What do you order with a good, American hamburger? French fries. (Which don’t actually have a darned thing to do with France.) Looking for a hearty breakfast? Have some French toast! (Again, not even close to French.) All right, let’s admit it: our idea of French stuff is pretty skewed. To get a better idea of what real French culture and cuisine looks like without heading all the way to Paris, head for Le District, and Beaubourg Brasserie (225 Liberty Street)!

Beaubourg Brasserie 1

French Culture at Brookfield Place

If you cut-and-pasted a bit of France into the New York landscape, it might look a little like Le District. The entire complex is an homage to everything French and fabulous. You have a number of options when you head to this sprawling new playground for Francophiles. It includes a café district, a market, a garden foods area, and naturally, a restaurant. (Here’s an important note: at 4 PM, the café district’s salad bar gets turned into a chocolate mousse bar.)

Fine French Foods

Le District’s restaurant, Beaubourg Brasserie, presents a selection of delicious, authentic French foods reminiscent of offerings from the other side of the Atlantic. Even the menu items are written in French, with English descriptions underneath that’ll make your mouth water. Even “L’Hamburger” sounds delightfully European.

Beaubourg Brasserie 2

People who just want to dabble in French cuisine may enjoy the steak frites, or the whole rotisserie chicken for two. Those who want to dive right in may want to try the pike quenelle, or the mackerel in escabeche. They’re as enjoyable to say as they are to eat!

Beaubourg Brasserie 3

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