It is time to come with good cheer, lift a proverbial glass, and cry out “L’Chaim! – To Life!” because Fiddler on the Roof has returned to Broadway! This profound and gripping tale will be once again gracing the stage of 1681 Broadway New York, NY. You can catch the preview in November, and the official opening is December 17th, but you will not want to miss out. This Tony Award-winning show is not the only miracle to grace our eyes and ears – there is always something thrilling happening on Broadway!

Fiddler On The Roof 1

If I Were A Rich Man

Fiddler On The Roof 2

Tevye is struggling to hold on to the traditions of his faith and his forefathers. Raising daughters that are determined to become part of the modern world is only one of the hurdles Tevye and his wife must face. Everything they have ever known is about to change, as there are other, more sinister forces at work closing in!

To Life & Tradition!
You can join in on the love, life, and merriment of this classic musical. There will never be a Broadway musical that can capture the personal essence of a people and culture, like Fiddler on The Roof. From the first moment of “Match Maker” to “Do you Love Me?” your heart will be singing along.

Fiddler On The Roof 3

Stop Wondering, Live It!
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