It’s still nasty cold outside. Winter still has us in its icy clutches, and seems pretty determined to freeze our extremities off. Plenty of us wouldn’t mind escaping to other climes for a bit. Different zip codes, different countries, different…planets? Why not? Don’t be content with hanging out on the boring Earth you know. Take off for the stars, or explore the unexplained phenomena of our own planet at the Philip K. Dick Science Fiction Film Festival! It’s happening January 16 through January 18 at Tribeca Cinemas (54 Varick Street).

Philip K Dick Film Festival 1

Where Science and Imagination Collide

This film festival has a program that should appeal to anyone who enjoys thinking about what the universe might hold, or what our own world hides from our limited view. It features an exciting and sometimes offbeat selection of movies about the future, life on other worlds, or supernatural events. Science fiction fans will recognize the influences of renowned author Philip K. Dick, as well as creative minds like Jorge Luis Borges and Franz Kafka.

Philip K Dick Film Festival 2

Many of the films are shorts, bringing glimpses into the worlds they feature. Others are full-length features, which provide a more in-depth look into their characters. You’ll be treated to tales about space, about extraterrestrial life, and about hauntings on our own planet.

A Glimpse into Creative Minds

For an even greater understanding of the visions that helped create these films, several directors and writers will be on hand to answer questions about their works. Ask questions about the ones you liked best, and learn how the ideas were conceived and brought to life. It’s a unique chance to learn more about up-and-coming filmmakers!

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