How many times have we heard the phrase, “Tastes like chicken?” Any time something tastes like a generic protein, inoffensive and utterly unremarkable, the flavor gets assigned to our favorite scapegoat. (Or scapefowl, unless the goat tastes like chicken, too…) What happens when chicken doesn’t taste like chicken, though? What happens when it actually has flavor that makes you crave more of it? The very fabric of the universe may be unraveling…or you may be eating at Betony. This restaurant, at 41 West 57th Street, serves up a roasted chicken that will make you re-evaluate what the ubiquitous white meat should be.

Betony 1

Preparation is Everything

Chef Bryce Shuman (formerly of Eleven Madison Park) creates a spectacular menu of delectable, expertly cooked foods which will surprise both in their flavor and the perfection of their preparation. His cuisine reflects a diverse array of techniques, and it never relies on the ingredients to make a dish appealing. Instead of expecting the “lobster” part of the poached lobster to win a diner’s approval (because it’s really hard to go wrong with lobster), it’s Chef Shuman’s skill and knowledge that make the dish irresistible.

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Chicken Worth Crowing About

The roasted chicken is the best example of this concept. Roasted chicken by itself doesn’t inspire fireworks and sonnets. At Betony, it doesn’t even look very fancy. One taste transforms it from a plain bit of chicken to a meal worth singing about. The preparation turns it into an experience in flavor, and a whole new understanding of what a roasted chicken can be.

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