Many of us grew up with a favorite uncle. Maybe he played ball, or took us to movies, or gave us the annoying toys our parents refused to buy for the sake of their sanities. Add another favorite uncle to your family, and check out Uncle Boons restaurant! It’s at 7 Spring Street, where you’ll find some of New York’s most delicious Thai food.

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Beer Slush – Enough Said

Eating at Uncle Boons is like finding yourself in Bangkok, sitting in a pub and ordering the local favorites. From curries right on down to the beer slushies, Uncle Boons has authentic Thai cuisine served in a delightfully exotic atmosphere. The décor and style of the restaurant are a real testament to the founders of the place, who spent an extensive amount of time traveling Thailand and learning its ways.

The food at Uncle Boons knows how to put on the heat. Your tastebuds will wake up with the first bite of the well-spiced dishes on offer here. Enjoy meals such as the yum kai hua pli, warm roasted chicken salad with crunchy strips of banana blossoms and a spicy dressing. If you never thought a salad could make you sweat, you are in for a delectable surprise.

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Currying Favor

Curry lovers will not come away from Uncle Boons disappointed. You’ll find your khao soi kaa kai, a golden curry with homemade egg noodles, chicken legs, and pickled mustard greens with coconut milk. If you prefer beef, you’ll want the massaman neuh, with boneless beef ribs and curry, potato, red onion, peanut, and green peppercorn. There’s a variety of grilled meats as well, hot off the charcoal fire.

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