Southern cooking has an undeniable appeal. Could be, that appeal grows when you’re as far north as Manhattan. There’s a little bit of regional magic in every bite of authentic southern cooking, and that magic feeds the soul as well as the stomach. You might think you’re too far away from the South to sink your teeth into a good southern meal, but Root and Bone has you covered! Head down to 22 East 3rd Street for real southern cooking!

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Traditional Southern Food from Northern Soil

New York couldn’t be more urban if it tried, but at Root and Bone, you’ll find dishes straight out of the rural South. What’s most surprising is the focus the owners have on using locally sourced ingredients that come from the sea and soil around the area. Chef Jeff McInnis and Chef de Cuisine Janine Booth have a passion for using the freshest ingredients each season has to offer.

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You can really taste the difference in the food at Root and Bone. Fresh components enhance the flavors in every dish, and make this southern-style food a truly northern treat. It’s a fusion of style and substance, and the end product is well worth the effort.

Waffles with Cheese – The Tastiest Odd Couple

Unique taste creations are a hallmark of southern cuisine. Things like chicken and waffles, or heck, cheese and waffles evolve from dubious ingredient pairings to delectable foods you didn’t know you’d want second servings of. The grilled butternut squash features black pepper marshmallow for a really unusual combination.

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There’s also plenty of traditional fare. Bucket of fried chicken? Yes, please. An 18oz pork chop with a loaded baked potato? Loosen your belt by a notch and dig in.

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