A roast chicken dinner may sound simple and even boring, but what about a supper of roast chicken with brioche, truffle, and foie gras stuffing just beneath the crisp skin? Truly sumptuous meals made with the most decadent ingredients await you at NoMad. Treat yourself to a meal at this incredible hotel restaurant, where the atmosphere is as good as the food! It’s at 1170 Broadway, at 28th Street.

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NoMad’s Land

Chef Daniel Humm, ranked among some of the best chefs in the world, will prepare your food with delicious flair. Humm began his culinary apprenticeship at the young age of 14, and has since earned accolades at top restaurants the world over. His talent and innovation make meals at the NoMad’s beautiful establishment well worth the time.

The restaurant itself is designed as a series of rooms surrounding a glass atrium. Enjoy your meal in the sunny Atrium itself, or in the cozy Parlor while you watch the staff prepare bread. Take in a quiet appetizer in the Library, while you browse the selection of books, or enjoy a cocktail at the NoMad Bar.

A Feast for the Senses


NoMad’s menus offer a variety of delicious foods which will suit even the most discerning palates. The restaurant is famed for its roasted chicken for two, but the selection of amazing meals goes much further. NoMad’s Fruits De Mer platter presents an array of the freshest seafood. Lobster poached with tomato, lemon verbena, and flowering herbs elevates the crustacean favorite to a new plateau.

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