New York’s got its own distinct beat! Everyone here marches to the rhythm of their own drummer, and it gives the city a pulse like nowhere else. You can experience the beats of Brooklyn this weekend at the Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival! Get your groove on and dance at a variety of venues across the Williamsburg area.

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All We Want to do is Dance

The Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival has earned its place as Brooklyn’s most influential electronic music event by celebrating the electronic music style, then bending the genre to its limits! This exciting event features both well-known artists from New York, and emerging musicians who are looking to be the next big thing. Electronic music fans will surely find new sounds to get into, even as they enjoy the hits of their current favorites.

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New York Talent

You won’t be disappointed by the lineup at any of the venues. Every act in the festival has a connection to Brooklyn, whether it’s being born there, having a label there, or family in the area. Grabbing a festival pass ensures you can hop from place to place and catch the shows you’re most hoping to see. VIP passes come with some awesome perks, like T-shirts and expedited entry to the venues. Technologically savvy music lovers will want to grab the mobile app for the festival to help them plan their night, or weekend, so as not to miss a thing.

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There’s more than just music at the Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival. You’ll also find plenty of eats, and curated art installations around the streets of Williamsburg. There’ll be plenty of merch to buy, too, so you have something to remember the festival by.

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