Making coffee’s part art, part science, but the basics of it are pretty simple. In most cases, water goes through the grounds and comes out the other side as the elixir of life and wakefulness. At Jack’s Stir Brew, however, they like to stir things up. Literally. Next time you’re stepping off a Seastreak ferry and feel the need for a cup, head over to 222 Front Street. You don’t even have to go half a mile from our docks at Pier 11 to get your hands on a hot coffee with a great flavor.

Jack's Stir Brew 1

Stirred, Not Shaken

This coffee shop has innovated the way coffee is prepared. Jack, owner and namesake of the business, invented the stir-brewing machines that give their product a distinctive taste. Stirring the grounds as water drips through them oxygenates them, and the end result is a smooth, full-bodied brew. You won’t find any other coffee in town with this distinctive taste.

It’s not just the coffee that’s quality. Jack’s uses only milk from the Hudson Valley Fresh cooperative, which is made up of all local dairy farmers. You won’t find any antibiotics or hormones in this stuff, just fresh milk you know came from a cow near you.

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Discount Coffee? Sign Me Up!

Wednesday may be Hump Day, but Tuesdays are Coffee Day! At least, until September 30. You can get 10% off coffee and baked goods at Jack’s Stir Brew during the Lower Manhattan Tuesdays promotion. Like you needed more excuses to grab a coffee.

Ask anyone what the best things in life are, and you’ll get different answers. We’re pretty sure “Seastreak ferries” are on everyone’s list, though. Luxurious indoor and outdoor seating and great customer service earn us a place as everyone’s favorite ferry!


Sea you soon!

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